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Four Types Of Partial Dentures

Four Types Of Partial Dentures

by Carl Hewitt, D.T.

There are four types of Partial Dentures.  They are the all acrylic partial with wire clasps, the cast metal partial dentures, precision partial dentures and Valplast partial dentures.

  1. All Acrylic Partial Dentures:  All acrylic partial dentures are constructed completely of acrylic and uses wire clasps for their retention.
  2. Cast Metal Partial Dentures: Cast metal partial dentures use case metal frames to support the teeth and the clasps are cast as part of the frame.
  3. Precision Metal Partial Dentures: Precision Metal Partial Dentures are made the same way as the cast metal partial dentures with the exception that they are held in the mouth by precision attachments that are fastened to crowns on the abutment teeth and the partial denture.
  4. Valplast Partial Dentures: Valplast partial dentures are the newest partial dentures out there.  They are a claspless partial because they gently grip the gums with their flexible acrylic arms.

All of the above partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth in both arches.

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